About Our Business

SNAFU equation #5  In any human endeavor,  once you have
exhausted all possibilities and fail, there will be one solution,
simple and obvious, highly visible to everyone else. - Murphy's
Computer Laws

I believe most problems one encounters in business are not as
awful as they seem when one is dealing with them. As the owner of
a business or the manager of a project, you already are an expert at
your business or you wouldn't be where you are.

We exist to provide a fresh perspective and help you develop a
solution to whatever the problem of the day is. It has been my
experience that most problems have a readily apparent solution - if
you're not hip deep in alligators! We aren't being pursued by the
same alligators so we believe we can help you achieve the results
you desire.
About Us
3840 S 84th St E7                           Milwaukee, WI 53228                                                    414.376.5871