Consultants are expensive (but worth it!) so before you call please
   check the following:

   1 Are all the cords and cables plugged in?  I firmly believe that there is         
       some sort of evil spirit who lives in power cords and cables and                 
       randomly loosens them.

   2. Be sure your operating system and programs are licensed. No                  
        reputable consultant is going to fix stolen property.

   3. Sometimes (often) a restart will fix a seemingly intractable problem.         
        Try it first. There are two types of restart, a warm boot and a cold boot.      
        A warm restart is done by using the Restart command, a cold restart is    
        done by physically turning off the power to the machine, waiting 30            
        seconds, then turning the power back on.

   4. Read the documentation. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it's                    
        gibberish, sometimes it's written by people who have never seen the       
        software, but it's always cheaper than having me read it.

    Here are some sites I find useful, some for tech support, some for fun.                         www.
Before you call
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